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It has been a long long time since I have added anything to this page.
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Pictures of the Maple tree in our front garden being taken down.

Interesting pictures
Pictures of the Was
Pictures of the house

New Bathroom Floor 1
New Bathroom Floor 2
New Bathroom Floor 3
New Bathroom Floor 4
New Bathroom Floor 5

Pictures Dad, Mum, Tamara and I doing the bathroom.
New Bathroom pic 1
New Bathroom pic 2
New Bathroom pic 3
New Bathroom pic 4
Pic of the car
New Floor in brown room 1
New Floor in brown room 2
Brown room take 3
Brown room take 4

What Follows is from our bedroom Redaux.
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 4
Bedroom 5
Bedroom 6
Bedroom 7
Bedroom 8